Sustainability Features


1. ‘Green’ Materials
Renewable and non-toxic materials and finishes.

2. Energy Efficiency
Optimizes orientation, massing and building envelope to limit use of fossil fuels.

3. Durability
Employs quality materials and construction methods to ensure a lasting life.

4. Maintenance
Simplified systems design, materials and landscaping to limit waste.

5. Indoor Air Quality
Naturally ventilating, eliminating mould and using non-toxic materials and finishes ensures a healthy home.

6. Site Integration
Works with the sites natural assets to minimalize damage due to site work.

7. Fresh Air
Passively cools using natural ventilation.

8. Daylight
Optimizes solar orientation to naturally brighten and warm interior spaces.

9. Water Conservation
Uses indigenous vegetation on the green roof and low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water use.

10. Off Grid Potential
The use of renewable energy (solar, biomass and geothermal) makes it possible to become completely self-sustaining.