Design Features


1. Simplicity
The simple design allows for greater efficiency of materials and adaptability in its use.

2. Flexibility
The units can be oriented to specifically respond to the conditions of a particular site so that we make the most of natural assets.

3. Customization
Even with a fixed floor plan, there are many opportunities for variance within the models. The new generation of miniHomes are all based on a 12′X36′ footprint and can be joined together in various configurations to create an expandable, customizable modular home experience resulting in more space and privacy.

4. Landscaping
Pier foundations minimize excavation and site disruption so the existing vegetation can be preserved to ensure local, low maintenance landscaping at no extra cost.

5. Openness and Connection
Without added square footage, the interior spaces are naturally bright and feel especially generous because of high ceilings and floor level changes. Light, natural materials also contribute to the overall openness of the space. Connections to the external environment are maintained through large expanses of glass that provide views, light and air to allow for greater site integration.

6. Community
When several miniHomes are built together, an opportunity for shared public space to allow for increased connection to the community is inherent in the design. Site analysis ensures an optimal configuration of the units.

7. Beauty
Designing with natural local materials ensures aesthetic appeal and is environmentally responsible.

8. Affordability
Optimizing the design is important to trim off extra costs in manufacturing and construction to ensure maximum efficiency. We are also working on solutions to minimize the cost of transportation.

9. Simple Systems of Low Maintenance
An important aspect of the design is that all systems are streamlined and materials require minimal maintenance so the miniHome’s full performance can be achieved by anyone!

10. Straightforward Setup
The miniHomes is designed for “plug and play” provided that the site has the necessary and minimal infrastructure.