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  1. Violet Paul says:

    Hi Marcia and Trevor. This is wonderful, so proud!

    xo Violet

  2. Danielle says:

    I was viewing your website just last week and went to show my husband the pictures I was looking at, but have found that all the pictures are gone. Can you please direct me to where I can now find these pics and info that was on the page.×36-solo-prototype/ thanks

    • Trevor says:

      Most of the images from the old site are in the Gallery section

      • Danielle says:

        Unfortunately for me, the scroll bar on the gallery does not work on my phone. Is there anyway that the images from the page can be emailed to me since they are no longer available on your site? Or, possibly the page be restored for a day so that I may save the pics to show my husband at a later date? I am just interested in the interior pics of the solo that was on that link. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. good morning, can i buy your house in europe? i’m realy intersting in your mini home and i’d like to buy it.
    please contact me
    riccardo magno

  4. Clint Rogel says:

    These are really cool. We are looking at putting a small home in Driggs, Id. near our kids who just presented us with our first (and probably only) grandchild. This is very cold country. What are the R values on your homes? Can any of them have a bedroom on the main floor? If so, what would be the approximate cost of that model?


    • Trevor says:

      I can assure you that the R-values will be more than adequate for your climate and will exceed those required by your building code.
      The price of a model with a single bedroom on the main floor starts at $158,500 (Canadian).

  5. Mariana Rios says:

    Have you ever shipped to México, specifically Monterrey?
    How much is the 36+12?
    Is it suitable for me and my two daughters?
    Do you have real photos?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Ron cavallo says:

    I am a developer infested in infill urban development and urban cluster development. I have been searching for cost effective manufactured and highly energy efficient contemporary housing for rental purposes. Would like to discuss your products.

    Ron Cavallo
    Press. The Cavallo corporation

  7. Currently the government of Ontario in Canada is changing the planning Act to allow for “in-law/family” suites to be installed in back yards for 20 year periods. The Social Housing Services Corporation is in the social/affordable housing business, and sees the secondary suites as one option to increase the number of affordable homes particularly for seniors.

    The units would need to be easy to install, small enough for a back yard – I think that number is no more than 350 sq ft. They would need to have a kitchen, bathroom, living space, and sleeping solution. It needs to be on a single level, i.e. loft solutions to sleeping will not work for seniors.

    I came across your micro housing solutions while searching, and am curious to know if you would interested in discussing this project with us further.

  8. Our daughter is EMF sensitive and now lives in a ramshackle trailer in rural Oregon near Newport. She is thinking of having someone make a cabin on wheels but being an architect I have serious doubts about a ‘talented amateur building this for here. What would it take to equp her with one your dewlings, say the 900 sq. ft. size? She would want to purge all of the electrical aspects if possible and go to a kind of bare bones version of one of your dwellings.

  9. katie gordon says:

    this are exactly what i want to live in. The key will be creating greener mobile home parks and small pieces of land where people can live in these cheap!
    Also, I am chemically sensitive and am not sure the spray insulation would be safe chemically for me or others like me.

    • Trevor says:

      We would love to see smaller pieces of land and Minihome mobile parks become a reality in the future!
      The insulation should not cause and chemical reactions as it made from Polyurethane (a hypoallergenic material).
      If anything the Minihome would be BETTER for your chemical sensitivity than the average home.

  10. Since you are a canadian company, these prices are in Canadian dollars? It’s unclear and for a worldwide internet it’s nice to know which currency you are quoting in. Thank you. I haven’t a clue, but I wish I knew if you are using canadian or US dollar.

  11. Jamie Thomson says:


    I love what you’re doing here. Now to convince the family….

    One note – the website is not quite iPad friendly. The news page in particular – one can’t see the past items on the iPad browser. Also the section links along the top titlebar on the main page are a little staggered. (thought you might like to know).


    Jamie Thomson

  12. ewell smith says:

    Looking for more info on your commercial made buildings….looking for a quick design for a small retail shop? Say b/t 800sq and 1100.

  13. Irene Barnes says:

    Very cool! How much are they?

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  15. Brig Baker says:

    Would you send me a procing guide with on and off-grid models please? Thank you.

  16. waltraud bockholdt says:

    When will pricing be available for your new minis? What is an average leadtime from order to delivery?
    Love your designs,

  17. Ian says:

    Is it okay to save interior images? I understand some people are not okay with copyright infringement. Is saving the images copyright infringement when it is for study only? I am also interested in the smallest plan, but I don’t know the US pricing. I will look further for answers. Also, the sleeping loft is great for a beanbag that converts to kingsize bed. I wouldn’t make modifications to the plan, but if we need to later work with an architect for mods to the kitchen to enclose and enlarge the counterspace, that’s one thing I would want to do. For the enclosed outdoor space, I’d also prefer glass unless there’s significant savings comparing with a screen porch.

  18. david carney says:

    These miniHomes are intriguing. Re: permanent sites. Would using concrete sonotubes or slab-on-grade be much more solid against high winds than say, a conventional prefab or mobile home?

    Nobody is going to withstand a direct tornado hit, but would a storm system passing through with high winds pull one of these houses off its foundation?
    E.Q., have you done wind tunnel tests? Just curious.

  19. Leah Hillbrand says:

    Love the CaliMini design, can you please quote me pricing

  20. Sean Trudeau says:

    Thank you so very much for creating an environmentally friendly home to canada and beyond…i,m looking at purchasing a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe style( windows from floor to ceiling) portable home while i,m constructing earth ramned houses; is it possible you customize me such a home?
    i,m looking at the largest model you have to offer; i,m contemplating off the grid in B.C.

    bravo for your practical and inspiring creations,

    Sean Trudeau

    p.s. on another note, considering all the wisdom & knowledge about healthy living, i hope you include a paratonnerre(french…excusez-moi) to be hooked up to all your portable homes as you hopefully know that human beings should not be enclosed in a faraday cage but be grounded energetically in order to avoid dis-eases…( i,m a certified chinese traditional medicine practionner also) according to Masters of Feng Shuie; location of the home has to be considered.

  21. Pat Jensen says:

    This is a dream come true. A house like travel trailer with solar, wind, rain collection, roof garden, composting toilet and no formaldehyde.

  22. joel Bui says:

    Do you have a contact in France (Paris)

  23. sylvia purdon says:

    Interested in the concept of the small dwelling on and undersized lot and the zoning and official plan policies that may arise.

    Gravenhurst, Ontario

    • admin says:

      The zoning in many Municipalities is often designed to prevent small dwellings for a variety of reasons. This can be overcome by applying for a minor variance(s) to the local Committee of Adjustment.

  24. kevin ledrew says:

    Im interested in learning more about the custom solution on Lake Muskoka.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kevin,

      For more information please call Graham Smith at our head office in Toronto 416 516 7772 ext 222. Graham is visiting our California facility and will be returning to the office Tuesday Feb 25.